Timely – March Madness – Reinstating old traditions or creating new ones…..


This is too good not to share – enjoying March Madness

& sometimes reverting back to the past!

A client of mine gave me permission to share her story and while she may not want to put it on her FB or blog, I think there is a good lesson in it.

She began working with me to assist her in getting laser focused to find a new career, one she was passionate about. She had raised 2 children and been a stay at home Mom for many years. Now they are off on their own HHSS – Happy, healthy, & self-supporting, she couldn’t ask for anything more.

We began reviewing interest inventories, personal assessments, values assessments, etc to help her hone in on the best choice of a career path and type of company to fit her unique needs and give her a renewed sense of purpose.

But it wasn’t always all about her career.

 While we were working together, she also shared that she felt something was missing in her marriage at this point. We explored that a little & I asked about when she felt it was perfect. She described a time before they had children and they were both so busy with their careers and didn’t have a lot of relaxing time together. Her husband was a big football fan; she didn’t really care about sports. Sunday was always the day that they made plans to spend time together, except during football season. He really didn’t want to miss the games.

But one day midway through football season, he surprised her by asking her to have a picnic with him on the living room with several blankets and pillows while he watched the games.

He said the only rule for the day was that they NOT be dressed, he called it “naked football”. She said she remembers snuggling and cuddling all during the games and even beginning to develop an appreciation for the game. This became a special tradition for them that they looked forward to and joked about. As time went by and their children were born, as many traditions do, it went by the wayside.

So I asked her, your children are gone now, why not go back to naked football? She said that is silly, we are too old.         But she agreed to try and re-instate the tradition.

Are we ever honestly too old to feel joy in the little things in life?

I find in talking to many of my clients that often times we take ourselves too seriously, and put limits on ourselves just because we are older or have grown up.

Many of my young professional clients don’t do the things they did for fun as children or teens because they are working now? But they feel they are missing something in their lives. Your career may not completely fulfill your spirit. Go out and find some joy!

Companies often time live by the billable hour instead of worrying about creating a dynamic work environment, developing positive client relationships, and creating something new and exciting. And living and dying by new processes and procedures, when in some cases, going back to an old process that worked might be a good idea.

So back to my client, I know you are dying to hear what happened. She was able to re-instate the naked football tradition. Her husband thought it was great idea. He didn’t think they were too old or that it was silly. It made him happy to know that she still had fond memories of that forgotten tradition. She said it has changed the dynamic between them and re-energized their bond.

So recently I asked her what about Naked March Madness and she responded, “I’m way ahead of you, you can check that box, and I am becoming a true sports fan!”

I learned 2 lessons from her story:

  1. You are never too old to do the things that give you joy as long as you are physically capable. And we all need joy both in our work and personal lives.
  2. It’s not always a bad idea to look back to old traditions, processes, or ways of doing things. While I do encourage businesses and individuals to “March Forward” to reach their goals and develop new processes, sometimes what worked well in the past, very well still might.

Here’s to all of you enjoying March Madness! Dressed or otherwise:-) 

Just for fun I had to include this funny, old school 2008 video, the title fits the tradition, check it out for a smile:


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