Letting go of perfection – Egg hunt lesson

eggsDid you find all the eggs?

Or are you leaving hope, letting go of perfection & sharing tradition?

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate this holiday! Regardless of what religion you are or what holidays you choose to acknowledge, I think that there are many hidden lessons in the family traditions & positive energy & love that go into making a holiday celebration happen.   My mother & stepfather happen to have 16 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren between them, ages 9 months- 30 something! We should all be so blessed & loved. I probably shouldn’t share this information.

Any one who sees my mother & stepfather skillfully navigate a black diamond ski slope or return a tennis serve with perfection would not believe that they are old enough to have a 35 year old granddaughter much less great grandchildren.

But alas, their secret is out but it is an inspiration for all of us!

We are imperfect beings…..

It’s tradition that they have an Easter Egg hunt every year. 8 of the16 grandchildren & 1 great grandchild were present this year.   As you can imagine, some live or go to college too far away to come home for Easter. It’s very diplomatic; the number of eggs that each child can find is set before we start. The 80-100 eggs are hidden by the parents & grandparents. We are imperfect humans who may or may not remember exactly where we placed each egg once the excitement of the kids actually hunting begins. Generally it’s a nice day and they are hidden outside in spots that can really create a camouflage.

Trying to create perfection!

A green egg in a green bush or thick patch of pachysandra is easy to miss. A yellow egg in a group of blooming daffodils can go unnoticed and forgotten. Each year inevitably at the final count there are eggs missing so one child may not have as many. Every year we try to come up with a way to be certain that all the eggs are found. This year we discussed each “hider” being responsible for a specific color group in only a specific area? Thus reducing the memory needed to locate a missing egg. We, the younger generation want to find a solution, complete the activity, consider the egg hunt complete.

But we aren’t perfect!

But it has become a tradition for at least 1 egg to be missing each and every year.

Do we really want to change that?

Sometimes the egg will appear suddenly when we are visiting and playing tennis later in the summer. Or in the winter as the plants die back. Finding that egg later on is a reminder of the fun of the egg hunt and the camaraderie of the group trying to help that last child find the final egg, all working together!

The more I think about it, the more I love the missing egg.

It gives hope that 1 day, as Forrest Gump says – “for no particular reason at all”,   we may stumble across an Easter egg in my mother’s backyard.

It is a reminder that we need to let go of perfection, for our children, our work and ourselves.

We should give it our all, perhaps even strive for perfection

but once we reach perfection, what then?

What challenge would be left if we found all the eggs? How short would the hunt be if we remembered exactly where each egg was hidden and easily located them?

But most importantly what about tradition, I am so sad when a tradition dies out.

I believe that there is comfort and love in traditions. Our children learn new skills through repetition and practice. Through our family traditions they know what to expect, have something to look forward to & learn to feel loved and accepted by their extended family. That missing little egg is another of life’s imperfections.

We all need to accept imperfection in each other.  

Inspired by the classic CSN song, Teach Your Children.

Song & partial lyrics below:

CSN performing at Live Aid in Phila in 1985.

Teach your children what you believe in.   Make a world that we can live in.

And feed them on your dreams .  The one they picked, the one you’ll know by.

Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,

So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.

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