Are you taking Positive Risks?

Practicing to be a better impromptu or prepared speaker can feel like a risk, but do you think it’s a positive one?  Read Olivia’s blog and see what you think?

Positive Risk Taking   -Olivia Hunt, high school student

This topic is pretty close to my heart. Personally, I try to live my life involving as many positive risks as I can. I believe that life in general is what you make it. You can listen to what you’re told, go through schooling, and get a cookie cutter job doing something you don’t particularly love or even like. You can make decent money from that job and get by. But what I’m saying is that life isn’t about just “getting by”. Life is about living. Life is about finding your passion, finding something that completes you and gives you meaning. The only way to find that “something” in your life is to take positive risks.

Risk taking is often associated with a negative meaning. Some use the term “risky” to call something unsure or unstable, which it may be. However, you must consider the fact that with every negative side of a situation there IS a positive side, as well.

One of my passions in life is dancing, which indeed is extremely risky. There’s always a chance of injury, which could end my days of dancing in a matter of seconds. So what do I do? Keep my movement to a minimum, steer away from trying new things, or stop dancing entirely? While these things might prevent me from getting injured, they would also prevent me from doing what I love to the furthest of my ability. So, I do take the risk of trying new things and pushing myself harder. This has allowed me to improve immensely, and has even helped me to be accepted into some amazing dance programs across the country. Overall, by taking some positive risks in dance I have gained unforgettable life experiences and met unforgettable people.

I hope that from this blog, you might be inspired. Get inspired to evaluate your life and see what you could do to incorporate positive risk taking into your everyday routine. You’ll find that the more positive risks you take, the richer your life will become. You will come across amazing people and opportunities you never would have, had you not taken a risk. Maybe your risk will be as small as speaking up and talking to a coworker or classmate that you didn’t talk to before because you are shy. Or, maybe your risk will be as big as moving to New York to pursue your dreams in journalism. The possibilities are endless, so go see what you can find.

Thanks for reading J


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