Easy formula for Impromptu Speaking

Impromptu Speaking   -Olivia Hunt, High school student

Impromptu speaking is a difficult skill that can be acquired simply by practice. It is something that takes courage and the ability to think quickly. Many people are hesitant to speak in front of a crowd, even with a prepared topic, so it tends to be much harder when one is put in the position to speak on the spot. The following is a brief evaluation of impromptu speaking, along with a few tips on how to master it.

First we’ll talk about picking a topic. If you are given the option to choose a topic, say out of a box, I would recommend that you select a random one and just run with it! From this, you challenge yourself to broaden your horizons on a new topic that you may not have known much about before. Additionally, you spend less time deciding on a topic, and more time thinking of what you want to say to your audience. On the flip side, you may not have a choice of what your topic is in a real life situation. For instance, you may be asked to say a few words about the bride and groom at a wedding, or maybe to speak about your grandfather at his retirement party. The possibilities are endless when it comes to impromptu speaking in real life, so if you master the skill now you’ll be prepared in the future.

You now have your topic, so you need to determine what you are going to say. The first step is to decipher your point. Anyone can ramble on to an audience about a given idea or thought, but to keep their attention and interest them, you need a clear point. Think to yourself, what main idea am I trying to convey to the audience? When you figure that out, then you need to back yourself up. Think again, so what? Why does what I’m saying matter? Give the audience reasons that support your point. After that, the next step is to provide an example. You could tell a story and make it personal, or even relate your point to something going on in the world today. Once you have provided your point and explained why it is valid, restate your point. This brings the audience back to exactly what you’re telling them in a clear manner. To wrap up your impromptu speech, you should encourage questions and comments from the audience.

To put it simply, the number one thing you need to be skilled at for impromptu speaking is confidence. Whether it’s choosing your topic or figuring out your speech, if you just go for it, you’ll be successful. Learn to let go of boundaries and say what you feel, and you’ll have the audience on their feet.

Thanks for reading J


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