Are you doing work you love?

First I want to share this TED talk as a tribute to an amazing young man taken from this world too soon, Scott Dinsmore.

While I am a self proclaimed TED talk junkie, this one is definitely worth the less than 18 minutes it takes to watch.

I do love books & I do love to read, that is a powerful way to deliver information.  But with all the technology now available, the impact you can have on another person in the span of even 20 minutes in a talk is priceless. Think back to the powerful speakers you have heard and how they have empowered or influenced you.

Learning who you are —finding and developing your own unique voice is what the Young Empowered Speakers program is all about.

And while you are “becoming a self-expert” Scott’s first step to defining success for you, you will also be developing your critical thinking skills, fine-tuning your verbal and nonverbal skills, overcoming your fear of public speaking.

His TED talk is inspiring and his process for “finding work you love” is straightforward but it does require time, quiet, thinking time and commitment.  He wants to “inspire possibility” and create community, and we will need to do both to create positive change, he will be truly missed.

Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love

I hope that watching this inspires some possibilities in you!


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