How can you guarantee your future success?

Who or what is more important to you than your future success?

Why wait? Learn skills to guarantee your success NOW. It’s within your control!

What are you doing to enhance your education or career?

 Whether you are 13 or 33 or 53, it’s up to you to find & create moments of growth in your career or education. Don’t wait for a manager, teacher, or friend to encourage you to improve your skills to guarantee your own success.

Many students assume that they will have a myriad of opportunities to gain necessary skills as part of college courses, internships, and early career positions. And that is truly possible. There are many wonderful companies out there that are truly committed to employee development. While I agree that having an active social life is an important part of being young, there is time for both. Many of the classes, workshops, & seminars available now are held in group settings and can also be a fun social activity.

Why not get started now? What are you waiting for?

I work with young professionals as well as mature professionals daily who are frustrated by their lack of growth, challenge, and personal development within their current company. If you want to find them, there are a myriad of online, in-person, individual and group training classes and workshops in any of the “soft skills” or “technical skills” that you want to be able to add to your resume.

In many cases professionals are hoping that their company will “provide” them with personal development opportunities.

While they know this is something they are seeking, they are still afraid to ask.   So if your director is not one who believes in employee development and you are afraid to ask, what will make the shift?

Many directors and mangers that I speak to would be willing to support your growth but simply don’t have the time to find the opportunities. If you were to approach them with an idea, and plant the seed, it’s likely they would agree.

Decide what you need and go for it. Don’t be afraid to ask! If your company isn’t willing to foot the bill, why not make an investment in yourself?

Students are assuming they are getting everything they need in their academic classes but there is always room for enhancing and improving your skills. If you are still a student seek out opportunities to gain the skills needed to be ready to hit the ground running when you get out!

Who or what is more important to you than your future success?

Below is a video of John Mellencamp singing “Your Life Is Now” I love the lyrics but especially this line: “ This is your time here to do what you must do”



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