Guarantee your success – It’s never too late or too early

lilypuppyThis is little Lily when we got her 8 years ago! Just a fuzzy little ball of energy that reminded us of a polar bear & she loves snow & cold.  We loved her & thought we were doing right by her but we realize now, we didn’t teach her what she needed to understand about her environment, our home.

She is a very sweet pup, but now @ 8 years old (56 in human years) she barks like crazy whenever someone comes to the door, is in the house, or is on speaker phone.

This is VERY annoying especially since we work at our home offices, a loud barking dog is NOT positive energy…..VERY tension inducing.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks so we assumed it was just her nature… But They were wrong….recently a professional dog trainer helped us & after just 1 session, we have a strategy to let Lily know it is not her job to guard the door, we assure her that we have it & miraculously her barking is under control.

Amazing what a little training and practice can do, even after 8 years.

Life is good without all that barkingJ  And it was great reminder what is possible:-)

Dogs are very smart, but our brains have more capacity in many ways, here are just two:

Connections between words: Animals can understand simple words or tones, they do not comprehend syntax or communicate in complex sentences. Human beings have created hundreds of languages (& thousands of dialects), even though they are born without any way in which to communicate.

Capacity for wisdom: Without the ability to place themselves in time, animals are unable to weigh situations with previous experiences. While animals can develop behavioral patterns based on positive or negative stimulation, they are completely unable to analyze actions before they are performed. This ability, known as wisdom, is unique to human beings.   

Human Mind vs. Animal Brain – Why So Different?   BY BRADFORD G. SCHLEIFER   DECEMBER 1, 2015

This was a perfect reminder that we can readily take our capacity for wisdom and communication to learn a new skill or change a behavior if we set our intention and take the time and effort needed.

In many cases it’s not as difficult as we originally thought, once we make the commitment and develop the plan including accountability.

Decide what you want to learn or change and start now!

It’s never too early to begin guaranteeing your success, but it’s up to only you!

And it’s never too late to develop a new plan……thanks for the reminder Lily.



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