Getting Some Perspective From 30,000 ft

flyI love flying. While many fear it, traveling by airplane is something I truly adore. I really do love every part of it. Bagging up magazines and chewing gum from the convenience stores in the airport, hearing my zone called so I can finally board, the greeting from flight attendants as I step on the plane, meeting a stranger in the seat adjacent to me and sparking up a new conversation, cheap airline pretzels; all of these things make flying a truly wonderful experience. However, there is one part of flying that trumps all the rest: the view. There is no better feeling than glancing over my shoulder and finding the world resting below me. Seeing houses lined up like dominos and cars scattering the roads like ants shows me that not everything is as grand as it seems. Seeing people from a plane? Forget it. We are so small that there isn’t a chance the naked eye could spot us from that high up. Flying really brings me a deeper sense of perspective. I get to see that we are all such a small part of this earth, and each part of us is smaller than the next. Don’t get me wrong; I’m certainly not saying we aren’t important. However, seeing the world from an airplane window aids in the realization that not every little thing is one to be stressed and worried about. After all, these things are so small in the grand scheme of things.


Perspective is something we all need to keep in mind as we go about our lives, especially when it comes to time management. Too many of us squeeze the life out of every hour of every day by over-planning our time. Yes, we need to make time for the bigger, more important things in life that are vital to us making a living, or setting up our future. There are also the medium-sized things we fit in because they make us happy, and without happiness, what’s the point? But, sometimes, we cram too many of the small things in that take the place of any time we might have to rest. This is when it is most valuable to take a step back and gain some perspective. When we realize that we must let some of the small things go, our lives become much more efficient. Having some down time allows us to put maximum effort into the important things in life because we aren’t exhausted from sweating the small stuff.


Another thing perspective can do to help us better manage our time is show us the beauty and opportunity of the world. When we get a different outlook on life, it can show us just how much is out there for the taking. There is so much of the world to see and life to conquer, and physically seeing that motivates us to manage our time right so that we achieve all we have the chance to achieve in our lives. It’s all about getting in a different mind frame than we’re used to, and then adjusting what we spend our time on due to our new way of thinking. For example, traveling abroad could inspire somebody to spend more time reaching out for new experiences, having seen cultures that live in our world differently. Or maybe somebody is given the opportunity to compete for a promotion, so they spend more time working toward it. Perspective inspires us to modify how we manage our time in consideration of the new stages of life we come across.


Overall, putting ourselves in new positions to gain some perspective can be tremendously beneficial to our time management. It creates a better balance for the specific phases we experience, while keeping in mind what is truly important.

-Olivia Hunt


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