The Beauty of Collaboration


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In all careers, collaboration, as a skill and concept, is essential to success. Working with others is something we all must do in order to progress in society. Nothing would ever be accomplished if every human being thought independently and refused to accept ideas from others. High school students, such as myself, often struggle with working in groups for projects and assignments. In my situation, I tend to need control over the main tasks at hand because I want things to be done right and my way. Others who struggle with group work may feel overwhelmed and phased out by opinioned leaders like me. In any case, it is vital for students to understand how to collaborate with others; but how can they practice this?

At the Young Empowered Speakers Program by March Forward Consulting, students get the chance to bounce ideas off of each other in a highly synergetic environment. During practice sessions where students recite their speeches for the rest of the group, we open up a discussion to give or gain critiques about the talks. Students get the chance to learn from each other and help others by suggesting their ideas, a great way to work on their collaboration skills.

I have seen speeches in the Young Empowered Speakers Program grow far above and beyond what they start off as due solely to the advice of peers in the program. It’s amazing how greatly someone else’s opinion can impact our own, lots of times in a truly positive way. We, as people, have such diverse mind frames and ways of thinking. Sharing these with others can only expand and advance those of our own.

By: Olivia Hunt


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