How can you move up?

I was thrilled to again this year be a facilitator at the Business Education Partnership Luncheon.  Each of our 9 student speakers were amazing and shared the value of their experiential learning through internships, job shadowing and PFEW business camp.  
Being part of the link between local businesses and local school districts to help students be educated, experienced, and empowered is a passion of mine.  These students are learning that you need to develop new skills and challenge yourself to move up and be ready for the next step.
In my work with local businesses doing executive coaching and leadership development programs, everyone has a desire to learn and grow.  Each of us even as adults are never fully baked as Seth Godin reminded us in his 9/29 post:
Fully baked
In medical school, an ongoing lesson is that there will be ongoing lessons. You’re never done. Surgeons and internists are expected to keep studying for their entire career—in fact, it’s required to keep a license valid.

Knowledge workers, though, the people who manage, who go to meetings, who market, who do accounting, who seek to change things around them—knowledge workers often act as if they’re fully baked, that more training and learning is not just unnecessary but a distraction.

The average knowledge worker reads fewer than one business book a year.

On the other hand, the above-average knowledge worker probably reads ten.

Show me your bookshelf, or the courses you take, or the questions you ask, and I’ll have a hint as to how much you care about levelling up.

I think Seth’s message is a great reminder to all of us that we should be lifelong learners especially if “you care about leveling  up”.
What skill do you want to learn at this point to become better in your current job or to start a new career path?
Go for it!
It’s never too late and you are never fully baked.
If you want to learn more about the BEP’s work check out the article from the Daily Local News:



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