Learning Outside Your Comfort Zone

dscn0968We all love to linger in the regions most familiar to us, but it can be more than beneficial to explore those that we have never before set foot in. This idea can be applied not only in a traditional school setting, but also in everyday life. It’s the unexplored, the unknown, and the unfamiliar that hold truths about us we’ve never cared to reveal or discover.

Learn about: what you’re good at.

Now, I’m not talking about the skills and strengths that you’re most comfortable with, I’m talking about those that you don’t yet know of. If you’d like to take this in an academic sense, start with something as simple as choosing classes. While it’s blameless to hone in on your greatest assets to cut a clearer path for your future, branching out into fields that you are generally unaware of can allow you to learn that you have a knack for something else, as well. This can pave the way for a backup plan if what you usually focus on doesn’t end up working out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having more than one interest, and people who tell you to narrow yourself down are absolutely mistaken. Well roundedness is a feat in itself because it gives you options and expands your bounds of knowledge.

Learn about: what makes you happy.

Take a moment to think about a few little things that perk up your day on the occasion. It could be having lunch with a friend, taking a break from work to watch an episode of your favorite television show, or even something as small as lighting some candles and taking a bath. All of these tiny pieces help you brighten your mood and enjoy your day. If you can start incorporating these into your daily routine, your mood will improve simultaneously with your productivity. Learn how to set time aside for these things, but also how to expand your database of them. Try something new; when you are presented with an opportunity to experience something you haven’t before, take it! You may learn that it is something you can grow to love. If something is weighing down your life, let it go! Become “happy-smart”: learn what to add and take away from your life to make your time here the best it can be.


What I truly want to emphasize here is how important it is to learn the things about yourself that you do not yet know. In order to be the best version of “you”, you must understand every passion, gift, and intrigue that is a part of you.

-Olivia Hunt


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