Follow your Passion?

I’ m sharing an excerpt from my new book that describes my thoughts on passions. And reminding you that my first book signing is on Thursday March 2 @ 7pm @ Chester County Library in Exton, Register here

Book Excerpt:  

My hope for you is that you find both things that you are passionate about that you do simply for the pleasure of the activity as well as an eventual career that connects to your gifts and gives you a sense of purpose.   If you are lucky enough to be passionate about both in your Beyond High School Plan as far as advanced schooling and your career choice, you will be driven and successful.  And if you have another passion like my friend Claire who loves music and is taking drum lessons just for fun, don’t stop because you “grow up”. No one makes Claire do that and she doesn’t get a grade, a paycheck or something to add to her resume by practicing the drums, but she is passionate about music. Or recall Kayla who was passionate about art but told that she couldn’t make a living as an artist until she learned about a career as a graphic designer. I have spoken to numerous students who loved painting or singing or acting or basketball or debate or any other activity that they were involved in during high school. Many feel that they don’t have time beyond high school or they need to grow up and focus on grades or career and should be “more serious and committed”. Never give up your passion(s); it fuels your positive energy.

I have had several young clients who were passionate about music and good at either singing or playing an instrument and their parents discouraged them from choosing this as a career path, saying that they could not possibly support themselves that way. While I thought these parents were discouraging these children’s dream, I have since reconsidered that position.

I was speaking with a local musician, Andrew Lipke, at a house concert. Andrew shared a new insight for me. He makes his living as a musician and he said your parents are the first gatekeepers. You will receive many rejections as a musician and if you can’t overcome your first objection from your parents, then you won’t make it. In other words, if you truly believe it is your passion and your mission, go for it. It takes dedication and commitment to make it in any field but some careers such as music, writing, theatre, and other arts are more difficult to find a way to support yourself.

Even if you don’t find a way to support yourself playing music, writing poetry, drawing, painting, or any other activity that you feel passionate about, don’t stop enjoying it just because you are an adult. I’ve coached many adults who have become re-energized in their lives by re-connecting to their passions that they let go after high school or college.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

~ Maya Angelou 



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